Amy Wilson - Owner, Director

Amy with one of her favorite studentsAmy has been in the childcare field for over 20 years and has won
the love & trust of hundreds of Idaho children. Amy recently got her CDA certificate in early childhood education.  A Boise native, she now lives in Kuna with her husband and children. 

Opening and directing a large, high-quality day school has been a goal
Amy has been working toward for many years. She believes that
every child should have the opportunity to attend a daycare/preschool
that focuses on the growth of the whole child.

Anna Owsley and Aimee Watson- Kindergarten and Pre-K

Anna Owsley is a certified teacher and brings us many years of experience. Aimee has also worked in the childcare field for many years! These Ladies are just a small part of our wonderful family and they both contribute so much! They are such an asset to the children and to their co- workers at K.I.D.S.

Anna Owsley- Manager / Pre-K Teacher

Anna brings many years of love and experience to our wonderful staff here at K.I.D.S. Anna has been employed here for many years. Anna has a very positive, upbeat attitude and is a delight for all to be around! The kids and parents love her dearly! Anna has always maintained our highest standards of education and wellness within our facility.  With many years of experience And her teaching certificate, Anna is a genuine asset to everyone involved.  Anna brings an upbeat, pleasant personality to  K.I.D.S. ,with a focus on education and creativity. Special needs are not a problem... count on Anna to make the right choices for your child both educationally and emotionally!

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